Chipboard available from Craven Timber in LeedsA versatile product, Chipboard is suitable for all general purposes in construction, in dry or occasionally wet conditions.The most common product we sell is Moisture Resistant (MR) Domestic Flooring P5 T&G which is available in both 18mm and 22mm thicknesses.

Craven Timber offer both Standard and Flooring Grade Chipboard. Standard grade is stocked in 12mm & 18mm 2440 x 1220 Sheets.

We have a range of flooring grade Chipboard products –

Standard Flooring Grade Chipboard

Peel Clean Flooring Grade Chipboard (With a removeable plastic membrane on one face)

Flooring Grade Chipboard with a permanent protective coating bonded to one face.

Each of our flooring grade chipboards is available in 18mm and 2mm 2400 x 600 sheets.


For more information please contact the Craven Timber branch office.