Constructional Carcassing

Constructional Carcassing available from Craven TimberConstructional carcassing timber is generally used where the appearance of the timber is hidden from public view. Our range of carcassing timbers has been compiled to suit all constructional requirements.

We have a wide range of stocks of construction timber incorporating all the dimensions and lengths required for modern day building.

Softwood is the primary type of timber used in construction of housing in the UK with Spruce, referred to as whitewood, being the most common species. This goes through a number of different grading processes to ensure you, as the customer, are getting the best possible quality product.

C16 and C24 are the commonest structural grades in the UK and Craven Timber can offer both grades ex stock in sizes from 47x75mm up to 300x300mm, coupled with a large variety of lengths available Craven Timber can cater for any building project.