Bespoke Machining

Bespoke timber machining available from Craven Timber in LeedsA recent substantial investment regime to upgrade machinery and dust extraction units at our main production site (Salford) together with the latest toolroom technology for machine setting, template making and cutter profiling, has now been completed thus enabling the

GE Robinson Group to offer first class machining facilities for any combination of large production runs (100mpm) through to smaller bespoke volumes for specific customer requirements.

Machinery and equipment supplied by industry acclaimed companies such as Weinig, Robinson, Stenner, Streibig, Dimter, and DCS has been utilised in the set-up of the production units.


Production machines include:-


Moulders                            Weinig P2400, P2000, P1200, P1000, Hydromat 23

Resaws                               Robinson/Stenner Single/Twin

X-cut                                    Dimter Opticut S50 Auto/Robinson Redial Arm

Wall Saw                            Streibig Compact 4164

Grinders                              Rondamat 960/934/168

Template Maker               Weinig ICP 3020/Galaad CAD/CAM-CNC Software

Pack Chain Saw                 Holtec


Consequently, these facilities provide the capability for us to offer all combinations of the following machining/cutting and much more besides:-


Resawn products
Stock moulded profiles

Bespoke moulded profiles
Chain Sawing
Panel Cutting



For more information on our Bespoke Timber Machining, please contact the Craven Timber branch office.