Plywood Timber available from Craven Timber LeedsCraven Timber are major stockists of both softwood and hardwood plywood. We carry a wide range of grades, from structural grade softwood plywood to exterior hardwood plywood including Marine and Birch plywood. Each grade is available in a range of different thicknesses.  Our extensive range means we have something suitable for many different applications.

Plywood is an extremely versatile building material which covers a wide range of applications from wall to floor sheathing. The raw material used in the manufacture of plywood consists of softwood, hardwood or tropical hardwood. Sometimes a combination of different species can be used. Plywood is made up of a number of layers, called plies which are glued together.

Depending on its CE certification Plywood can be used structurally (CE2+) or for non-structural (CE4) applications. Certain types of Plywood can be used for differing requirements; however to provide the desired performance and service life, they must be correctly specified, detailed, installed and maintained. At Craven Timber, we have experts who will guide you towards the right product selection. We supply softwood and hardwood plywood from around the world to cover just about every application.


For more information please contact the Craven Timber branch office.