TANALITH Timber Treatment

TANALITH Timber Treatment available Craven TimberHigh pressure treatments for building, fencing, landscaping and engineering timbers.


Timber is the most versatile product nature has to offer. However, it can also be vulnerable to the effects of the weather, wood decay and insect attack.  TANALITH water based preservative treatments extend the service life of timber and help maintain its natural appearance.  Timbers treated with TANALITH can be used with confidence in both above-ground and in-ground (subject to specification) situations including construction, fencing, landscaping and engineering applications.


Latest generation TANALITH is applied in a controlled, high pressure industrial process.  It leaves the treated timbers with an initial pale green colouration that blends into any outdoor environment.  Over time the TANALITH treated timbers slowly weather to a warm honey-brown colour and eventually to a natural silver grey.


For more information  on our Timber treatments, please contact the Craven Timber branch office.